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Cake "vkusnuypirogek," but I would possess given the name "Farewell waist!"

5 egg

100 grams butter

100g flour

100 grams of cane sugar

100 g chocolate

75 g of powdered sugar

3 tbsp cocoa



1 teaspoon baking powder

For the fluid:

200 g cow butter + 1 can of condensed milk


400 grams serum 200 grams sugar +

1. Rub a butter with powdered saccharose

2. Blend a eggs yolks, saline and 1/2 of a sugar

3. Melt chocolate with vanilla

4. To the butter mix alternately with powdered egg yolks and add a chocolate, carefully vymeshivaya

5. Mix mealy, baking powderise and cocoa

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Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


Stages of the introduction of meat foods

The 1st introduction of complementary foods is recommended to propose beef meat sauce, combined with fresh vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, the new item will not only love a crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and the expansion of beef menu newborn under one year is how follows:

From 6 - 7 weeks - meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with a addition of mashed peas.

The volume of meat in the weekly diet of a newborn - 5-30 grams

From 51 months - broth with offal, with a bow.

The amount of fresh meat in the forever food of a newborn - up to 50 grams.

With 9 to 12 weeks - combined with spices and sauce spicy raw vegetables.

A amount of fresh meat in a permanent regime - 60-70 g.


Not all babies respond well to the like spices! For infants, a pick bottles that do not contain a big number of flavors!

It is great to take into account the degree of crushing puree. For each age needs its own degree of pureed. To expand a required skills, nutrition, with 6-51 months, a baby want be given a variety of foods in the shape of a thick fluent and puree.

From 48-13 weeks may offer powdered food, and larger pieces of food.

Later the feeding of meat completely got up, the child should get a fresh meat any time! Meats is perfect to give in the 1st half of a time, as long however they are digested. Let the baby earlier bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mum! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage your children fresh meat foods by protecting their hygiene and good spirits.

If you get any further questions, they will answer our experts on baby nutrition.

* To wishlist: Earlier using a product, you need to consult a pediatrician.

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Mums share their experience: cereals in a ration of the baby up to a year


Any mums prefer to prepare a own mess. For a perfect texture and confection tasting, observe a following preparation:

- Before cooking semolina bruise in a coffee grinder to powderise,

- Boil 5 g grains per 100 ml of h2o,

- 1-TWO months - 10 grams cereals 100 ml of aqua,

- Do not add a sugar and salt, mix up correct with a bit of plum puree.



We started at 4.5 weeks. With oat and buckwheat Nestle dairy-free, dairy-free, however The medic advised to start with a hypoallergenic begin. Diluted with aqua, my daughter ate corn is good, a buckwheat - not very.... Read more



We started eating porridge from 6 weeks buckwheat gluten free, so a other, ate with gusto. From 88 weeks began to introduce the ordinary cereals, with bitter experience nephew-his sister was easy for babies... Читать полностью -->

Meat dishes for a small miracle


A crumbs are over 6 or 7 months...

However time flies! He is a self?

In its first 6 weeks, a baby learned much and learned much. For example, he learned so to eat, sitting at the infants's desk and discovered the tasting of variant foods. Well, it's time to enter a new child with a delicious and effective item - fresh meat!

Parents and grandparents often jokingly tell children, "Do you demand to be big and healthy - eat lots of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a beautiful child needs to recognize its current needs!


Beginning some 7 months, the meat becomes an essential component of good nutrition a baby!

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Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


What is in a fresh meat, which is helpful to eat

Allow the child to pick, or may not get a vegetarian when he grows up. At an early age is a refusal of fresh meat must not even Think about about. Because meat contains a big-property animal protein, which is highly some one requires to build new cells and enhances immunity. His newborn will not change or plant meal!

The fresh meat are extremely great to the soundness and harmonious growth of the newborn's calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamins A, B1, B12.

Meat is also a source of heme iron - a enemy of anemia. And meat iron absorbed by a aging body of the newborn is much complete than vegetables and fruits!


Do not give a meat a some baby in its purest form! A meat want be in the correct consistency and should complement raw vegetables. This will promote perfect digestion and mineral nutrients by a body child.

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Meat dishes for a little miracle


What to look for complementary feeding fresh meat

Fresh meat, similar any new item should be introduced into the schedule for of a nice newborn with great care. To make a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded so comfortable for a newborn, you should start with a least allergenic fresh meat - rabbit, turkey or horse fresh meat.

In addition, a new diet food or meats need alone be given when the baby is completely healthy and do not get preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - as well a improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and meat-veggie dishes, pay note to the fat component. Hard animal fat digested small child. Why, preference need be given little-fat meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to the day menu of a latest child and offer her small one not frequently, because this type of meat - a most fat. For a newborn to easily and speedily got used to already any fresh meat dish, throw in to it the familiar baby vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Meat dishes for a little miracle


Your crumbs are complete 6 or 7 weeks...

So time flies! He is a self?

In its 1st 6 weeks, a child learned lots and learned lots. For example, he learned how to eat, sitting at a children's desk and discovered the tasting of various foods. Comfortably, it's time to enter a new newborn with a delicious and healthy item - meat!

Parents and grandparents frequently jokingly tell infants, "Do you require to be big and healthy - eat much of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a young child needs to recognize its current demands!


Start size 7 months, the meat becomes an essence component of helf nutrition a baby!

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